Love dare hair challenge

Hey my lovies

So, ive been in a serious hair funk. I have felt no love from my hair or for my hair. As a result all i have been doing is wash and go… Literally. Wash and go. In the past 2 and a half months i have not combed my hair at all.

This weekend i decided it was time i rekindled my relationship with my hair. So, Friday night i did a pre-poo(pre-shampoo). I drenched my scalp with coconut oil and spread it through my hair with my fingers. Saturday morning i shampooed my hair and it was nice and shiny.

Then i let it air dry as i mixed my conditioner. I used organics hair conditioner, alma herbal hair oil, moroccan argan oil, cactus oil and lavender extract.
For the lavender extract what you do is get a few sprigs of lavender boil them in a little water. Sieve it off and let cool. Thats what i used to rinse out my hair. Lavender is a great anti-spectic and works wonders for dandruff.

To comb out hair, i made four sections and combed it using an afro comb first then a fine toothed comb.

Boy does my hair look and feel great.
Well, thats stage number one in the love dare hair challenge.

Hugs and kisses

Ms Chio